The Fallow Period
The Winter
BELOVED Sanctuary,
3449 Regal, Lake Park Dr SW, Tumwater, WA 98512, USA
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The Fallow Period

There is a deep need to rest and restore ourselves after the intense burst of inner and outer growth of summer. So, this class offers a chance to return to the ground of our being to integrate the past and dig into the present, laying the groundwork for future growth. This is an intensive that features deep listening, learning and being.

Then ... In February the BeLoved Teachings begin their second season of Emergence in a new and unique blossoming of the wisdom of the land. These teachings are offered by, with and on the land to foster a unique opportunity for transpersonal growth in which we learn through our nature from nature. The teachings embody a transformational, multi-dimensional approach to learning and healing in which we drink deep from the well of our own being to find ourselves.

"To find the beloved, you must become the beloved."


BeLoved Teachings

A journey to the  Depth

Image by Casey Horner


2 Offerings: Experience Deep Restoration in the winter followed by a year-long  reemergence of the Beloved Teachings in the spring.

3 month Deep Restoration

November 2nd

December 7th

January 4th

Year-long Beloved Teaching

beginning in February

$175-225 per session 

First Saturdays 10am-6:00pm

Discover the beauty that lays hidden.



Touching in with the intuitive energy and senses, we gather in and hold the seeds of wisdom to facilitate deep rest and integration. Leaps of growth arise when we are able to meet and be present with what appears to be nothing. This is the magic that the deep still darkness brings. Come explore the hidden realm. Discover the beauty that lays hidden.

  The BeLoved Teachings include: 

  • A welcoming orientation meal and ceremony with the teachers

  • 12 Saturday classes, held the 1st Saturday of each month from 10-6         

  • Embodied practices to deepen your experience online and onsite.

  • Optional individual time to enter into greater relationship with the land, 

  • A celebration and completion ceremony with all instructors.

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What is BELOVED?


About the 


Breathe in. Dig deep. Rooted in the earth, you may touch the heavens - experience BELOVED. 
Located a couple of miles from Olympia's westside, BELOVED is a celebration of the natural world and human nature. Immerse yourself in a diverse and beautiful landscape.
More than a venue, it is an invitation to go within. 

"... and in her starry shade of dim and solitary loveliness, 

I learn’d the language of another world.”

Lord Byron


The primary teacher at BeLoved is the land. The other teachers, Kim and Heather, work and play with the knowledge and wisdom of the land to give voice and vision to Her teachings. Along with the class participants, they facilitate a connection between our nature and the natural world.


Together we will grow perceptual and navigational skills, further deepening trust in Self, other and life. Course content is inspired in collaboration with the animated presence of the land of BeLoved.

This year's Teachers: Kim Lincoln

& Heather Taylor-Zimmerman


Kim Lincoln

Kim is founder of the Terrain of Essence Teachings, a path of Self-realization and somatic integration. Her work freely weaves energetic science and ancient mysticism into a simple, direct way to access your intrinsic being, synthesizing principles of trauma resolution, quantum mechanics, and the subtle anatomy of the Soul.

For over 40 years, she has refined her skills to bring workshops, online classes, and guest presentations which have helped students to feel safe in their body, free their mind, and know their true nature. Kim’s passion is to facilitate each individual’s awakening so that we, as an interspecies collective, may experience evolutionary change for the benefit of all. For more information about Kim and her offerings, go to: or




Heather Taylor-Zimmerman, PhD

Heather is an artist and educator who views art as a form of psychological insight and a window to the soul. Through the creative use of the imagination in collaboration with the natural world, she teaches techniques to relate both within and without that restore a sense of wonder and gratitude. She helps people to know, embrace and love themselves more fully and deeply.

Based on intuitive and imaginal ways of knowing rooted in art and nature, she guides people to go into the depths of their being to achieve a greater sense of transparency and authenticity and renew their passion, purpose, and potential. Her focus is on gnosis or direct knowing in which each experiences their own awakening and connection.


Heather has a doctoral degree in Archetypal Psychology (the study of universal patterns and symbols) and has studied art as an inward path from different cultural perspectives and traditions. Her emphasis is on returning to an animated or ensouled relationship with ourselves, others, and the natural world. 


"I have come to inhabit, recognize, acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate the light and love what I am."

"These teachings have touched inspired, moved myself as a whole--and it has touched all of me--parent, daughter, human, etc."



"I feel like each class, and the relationship with the land and spirit through and between classes, was a constant attunement into braver, move loved, more living, more honest, sweeter, sillier, more creative and vital way of being alive. I'm aware that I'm not even aware of how much of a gift it really was, or how it is transforming me still."



"Being a part of a loving supportive group is so enlivening and encouraging of my expansion." 

"I feel that each month's teachings exceeded my expectations. The love that I gained for myself and the flow of life is amazing."



"I enjoyed how welcome I was to be my authentic, intuitive self, and to deepen that and be accountable with people who could reflect on a similar experience from their own perspective." 

I experienced "a greater sense of me and my gifts and a knowing of how to love myself."


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